Lyra Intelligence

Monitor your personal emissions in real-time using artificial intelligence

Accelerating human efficiency

I’m your personal AI assistant designed to make real-time carbon emission measurement possible. Interact with me as though you would another human to begin learning about the affects your actions and habits can have.
Or I can integrate with apps and devices you’re already using to help you seamlessly access behavioural analytics unique to you as you go about your day.
It’s works just like magic!

We think that knowing how efficient you are should be as effortless and integral to our lives as knowing the time.

Liam Hänel
Founder & CEO

Built for personal use


Human-like interactions

Simply talk to Lyra as you would another human being using Lyra and view your impact through intelligent design.

Real-time measurement

Understand your impact in real time, as you go about your day and learn about the impact of your behaviour in a whole new way.

No app or downloads required

The best bit is there’s no download, login or install required to use Lyra. Apps are so 2016.

Learns with you

The more people who use Lyra, the more intelligent it becomes over time in calculating each individual user’s impact.

Seamless experience (coming soon)

Minimal input required by integrating with other apps and devices you already use and are familiar with.

Highly social (coming soon)

Connect with friends, family and foe and compete or collaborate to increase your efficiency rating.

“I have been struck by how important measurement is to improving the human condition. You can achieve incredible progress if you set a clear goal and find a measure that will drive progress toward that goal”

Source: Wall Street Journal – Bill Gates on the Importance of Measurement

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