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Carbon accounting for fleets of vehicles should be simple

Lyra automates carbon accounting for Enterprise with fleets of vehicles by identifying the way people drive from the sensors within their smartphone. Enabling emission data to be captured in real-time.

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How it works

1. Invite your team

Create and account using our admin dashboard and invite the people within your organisation to download and install Lyra on their devices.

2. Setup colleagues to start tracking

After a simple setup, Lyra is ready to start tracking emissions from each individual’s device. Lyra uses the sensors built into smartphones to identify vehicle emissions, driving patterns, distance, speed and more.

3. Use data for analysis and reporting

Each trip is recorded to your company’s profile. The vehicle emission data can then be analysed via our web app interface, ready to use for emission reporting.

Architectured for Enterprise

Capture accurate data

Still using logbooks or spreadsheets? Lyra uses the sensors within smartphones to automatically track each person’s trip reducing the hassle of manual entry and inaccurate information.

Real-time emissions

Keep track of progress and make more informed sustainability management decisions on the fly with real-time carbon accounting feedback. Get an overview of your entire organisation or detailed insight into individual emissions output.

Save on cost of labour

We’re helping to reduce the need for any conscious actions on writing in logbooks, data entry and calculations — freeing up time for people to get on with the work that they do best and increase productivity.

Designed for Sustainability Managers


Administrator dashboard

Lyra’s dashboard is a powerful carbon accounting interface to see insights and analytics about your entire organisation’s emission data.

Intelligent benchmarking

Lyra enables you to benchmark yourself against other organisations within your industry to see where you rank.

Minimal setup required

There is minimal setup to get started with Lyra. Employees can get setup with a few clicks to begin understanding more about your organisation’s emissions.

Lyra web app dashboard - carbon accounting