Cloudflare Bug Triggers Password Warnings From Bitcoin Exchanges

24 Feb 2017.

Users of bitcoin exchanges and other online services are being warned to change their passwords in light of a bug tied to Cloudflare.

Simplex integration to enable users to buy Cryptocurrency via Credit Card supporting.

Bug fixes: Fixed issue where biometric authentication only triggers on field focus on mobile.

Fixed an issue where exchange options were missing for all exchanges during.

Ability to set password if TouchID is removed via Settings.

24 Feb 2015.

How Hackers Abused Tor To Rob Blockchain, Steal Bitcoin, Target Private.

exchanges, LocalBitcoins, had their usernames and passwords.

have to rely on a gullible user who'd ignore a Tor browser warning.

Yet CloudFlare was unable to say whether or not this occurred.

The bad relay problem.

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The team behind the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) cryptocurrency have issued a security alert warning all users about a security incident involving the official Windows wallet application offered for.

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20/10/2017  · Bitcoin Gold developers added a premine to the blockchain. This patch is a minimal edit to remove that. If the majority of Bitcoin Gold GPU miners use this client, there will be no premine on the Bitcoin Gold blockchain. It is up to the miners to decide which client they want to use to mine.

We use Cloudflare to protect the performance and uptime of our website, as well as to protect.

Error 1015 "You are being rate limited".

Causes: You tried to login to your Kraken account too many times within the last few minutes.

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24 Feb 2017.

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are warning others to reset their 2FAs and change passwords immediately.

Cloudflare bug, SHA-1 collision, BTC hits a new high, Alphabet v. Uber, fingerprints v. warrants, and an obstacle to the cyber education – government pipeline.

Friday Cyber News – February 17, 2017

CloudFlare themselves may be beyond any reasoning, and so I’d be in favour of having some warning page as mentioned above. "You have reached a CloudFlare site, click here to complain or just move right along", or something similar. Maybe with a scary looking icon too. I would favour a giant rat with fangs brandishing dagger, but you can use your imagination.

Bug bounty writeups published in 2020; Bug bounty writeups published in 2019.

Maria Zulfiqar, -, Password reset flaw, HTTP parameter pollution, IDOR, -, 04/ 11/2020.

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