Bitpay Ceo Stephen Pair Talks Bitcoin Hard Forks

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Hard Fork ETA 11 Days. BIP 91 Lock-In, Stephen Pair, Peter Todd, Jameson LoppBitPay har nyligen varit mycket fokuserad på problemen kring transaktionskapaciteten på Bitcoin-nätverket, vilket ledde till att de stödde New York-avtalet (även kallat SegWit2x). I kommentarer som delades med Bitcoin Magazine klargjorde BitPays vd Stephen Pair företagets syn på SegWit2x-förslaget och hårda gafflar mer generellt.

Stephen Pair, BitPay CEO, gave his opinion about the prospects of Bitcoin minus changes in protocol, Bitcoin Unlimited concerns, and softforks activated by users. He said their point of view on said issue can change. The executive said Bitcoin does not require changes to redesign the international payments system. There are many tools to reform this structure if there were no changes in.

BitPay has been very much focused on the issues around transaction capacity on the Bitcoin network lately, which eventually led them to support the New York Agreement (also known as SegWit2x). In comments shared with Bitcoin Magazine, BitPay CEO Stephen

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