Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

27 Apr 2020.

The Bitcoin halving is when its block rewards are cut in half. When this happens, new Bitcoin is only created half as fast as before. This makes it.

🔴 [LIVE] Bitcoin Halving 2020 Real time countdownThe Bitcoin halving was like New Year’s Eve with no time differences and everyone committed to a nonviolent revolution.

In the past, this event has coincided with a strong run-up in the bitcoin price and has lead to pre- and post-halving.

This May, the block reward will halve to give miners 6.25 BTC per validated block . Only two Bitcoin halving events have ever occurred (2012 & 2016). At the time of .

3 Jan 2019.

In mid-2016, it halved again to its current reward of 12.5 BTC. According to a prominent Bitcoin halving countdown, the next halving is currently.

11 May 2020.

BTC #Halving Event countdown!.

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The very first red dot for 2020 of PlanB’s stock-to-flow model suggests the next Bitcoin bull market may well be underway.


half of the previous coins for verifying transactions. Every 210000th block starts the new Bitcoin halving. Halving. Est. Date. Block Height. Block Reward (BTC).

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